Eventually it had to happen.  With the rise of the “torture porn” genre over the last couple years, someone was bound to send it up in some sort of parody, or farce.  I wouldn’t call Otis a parody, it’s more of a torture film with sprinkles of very very dark comedy.  


Bostin Christopher plays the title character, an overweight loser pizza delivery guy with a penchant for kidnapping teenage girls, chaining them in a soundproof room in his attic, and forcing them to act out a high school prom that he obviously never had..  The plot concerns his current victim, Riley Lawson (or ‘Kim’ as he forces all his victims to call themselves.  The reason for this is a little too funny and disturbing to spoil.)  Riley escapes Otis (not really a spoiler) about halfway through the movie and he results of this action…..well, you’ve just got to watch.

This is a really low budget, independent flick (my favorite kind) that really is more entertaining than most better known pictures of its kind.  I personally dug the hell out of this and urge anyone with any interest to definitely check it out.  There is a pretty awesome classic rock soundtrack that enhances the film while seeming wildly inappropriate at the same time. 


I don’t really want to give too much away, so I’m going to stop here and just tell you to see this one for sure.  You won’t regret it. 



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