Cable Access Heroes

Since the invention of the television there have been only a few advancements in what we watch. One of the most important has been public access television. Ok maybe not, but there has been some pretty weird characters given access to the public. Wait, who’s idea was it to give crazies their own tv show any way.

Let’s Paint TV -California
Host John Kilduff does it all! He’ll teach you how to paint Bob Ross style…Bob Ross Style ‘on crack’. He is a multi-tasker. In this episode John paints, exercises on a treadmill, makes blended drinks and of course answers phone calls from an excited audience.

Speak Out with Ken Sanders - New York
Ken Sanders (AKA “the Cable Guy”) repeatedly gets shit on by hostile New Yorkers while taking calls about carrying handguns. Circa 1990

What’s Your Problem?
Aired on Pittsfield Cable Access TV in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Takes about 2.5 seconds to be annoying.

Vagina Power and Penis Power
Alexyss Tylor hosts show on ‘Vagina Power and Penis Power’ with her mother. Wow this gets better and better.

are you still watching…

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