An Unlikely Quintuplet


It just occurred to me, looking at the list I’m going to talk about, that these are some extremely dissimilar movies. Reservation Road, Day of the Dead (remake), Rambo, The Incredible Hulk, and There Will Be Blood. No point to that, really, just strange. So, here we go…..  

Reservation Road


Mark Ruffalo and his son are driving home from a baseball game. He swerves to avoid hitting another vehicle and instead hits Joaquin Phoenix’ son. Phoenix is married to Jennifer Connelly, who cries a lot because she’s good at that kind of thing. Their daughter takes music lessons from Ruffalos’ baby mama and ex-wife (Mira Sorvino.) Phoenix and Connellys’ son dies, and no blame is placed because Ruffalo takes off after hitting the kid because he’s afraid of losing the small custody rights he has to his own son if he is convicted of any kind of wrongdoing. Phoenix goes to a lawfirm to ask for help in finding his sons’ killer. Ruffalo works at the law firm and is assigned the case. That paragraph sums up what I found wrong with this movie. Everything is just a little bit too contrived. Too many coincidences keep it from being able to be seen as a reflection of a real life situation. That being said, Ruffalo and Phoenix are especially good in their roles. No big surprise there, but it does make it worth seeing simply for the performances. If not for that, this could be laughably bad. I’m going to recommend this IF you are a fan of the talent involved. Otherwise , you may feel manipulated and cheated.  

Day of the Dead (remake)



Man, you owe me for this one. Based on the trailers I didn’t expect a good movie out of this. I hoped for something that would be funnily terrible. Please don’t make the same mistake because this is just plain awful. I’ll name just a few of things that went wrong here:

  •    One should never cast Mena Suvari in the role of a hardened military officer. 

  •  One should never allow Mena Suvari to try and deliver lines in a commanding and aggressive manner.

  • One should never cast Nick Cannon as a wise cracking spunky street kid who is not fazed by zombies.

  • One should not speed up the film to make the zombies look as if they have super human speed.

  • One should not try to hide the gore by having people be killed offscreen, in a ridiculous attempt to try and create a ‘shocking’ reveal of the zombies.

  • One should not change Bubs’ name to Bud.

  • One should not tarnish the name of Bub by making him such a lame character this time around.

  • One should not be allowed to remake, or make, any more movies. Ever.

Yeah, don’t watch this. Please.  



If you have not yet seen Rambo, all I can say is if you grew up on Schwarzenegger and Stallone and Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and Seagal movies you need to see this. It’s a total throwback to 80’s and early 90’s action, with some modern extreme violence thrown in. There’s honestly not a lot you can say about a movie like this, except that I had a damn good time watching it.  

The Incredible Hulk




I’m loving what Marvel is doing with their movies now. I actually still haven’t watched Iron Man, but the word is good. They seem to be focused on creating a series of movies about different characters that all intersect and exist as part of their own universe, just like the comics. Beginning with Iron Man and now The Incredible Hulk through to Thor and Iron Man II in 2010, Captain America in 2011, and culminating in Avengers in 2012 it is looking to be a really cool and unique thing that has never been done before in movies. In theory, at least, it’s a great idea. How well it all turns out remains to be seen. Hulk is pretty great. I watched some of the 2001 version yesterday, thinking that Damien might like it because he really like the new one, and I can say that I much prefer the latter to the former. I don’t mean to discredit Ang Lees’ Hulk, it’s was a fine film and I did enjoy it, but it didn’t feel like a movie of the comic book. That is where this one succeeds and overshadows the past. Again, this isn’t the kind of film that can be discussed in great detail because it is more of a sensory experience than a thought provoking piece. I dig it, you probably will too.  

There Will Be Blood



There Will Be Blood, on the other hand, is nothing but a thought provoking piece. A character study of a self proclaimed “oilman” goddamn fantastically played by Daniel Day-Lewis, this is the reason films exist. Day-Lewis is widely considered to be the finest actor working today, yet he can still surprise as evidenced here. His Daniel Plainview is one of the most fully realized characters I think I have ever seen on screen. I don’t think I could ever get tired of listening to that fucker talk, which resulted in several instances of unintentional laughter. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, he’s just so outlandish and over the top that you can’t help but laugh at times. Paul Dano, too, kicks all kinds of holy ass here. As a young preacher at odds with Day-Lewis’ oil company, he definitely holds his own and in some respects overshadows ol’ Dan. I love the church scenes, damn, I love every fucking thing about this. Too many great things to mention. Just see it if you haven’t already and you’ll see what I mean. This is a classic.



This article catches me up on the movies I’ve seen recently, so from now on you should start seeing the less lengthy review articles. Up soon, I’ll have looks at Cleaner, King of California, Be Kind Rewind, and Semi-Pro and many many more.  


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